Let The Hatching Begin!


With the news of nests hatching on FMB earlier this week, Turtle Time has checked in with its updated turtle numbers for Fort Myers Beach. There are now 83 nests, 125 false crawls, and 3 nests have now hatched.

Down on Bonita Beach there are 173 nests, 160 false crawls and 23 nests have hatched.

Over on Sanibel:
Sanibel East: 124 Loggerhead/1 Green nest, 255 false crawls and 572 Hatchlings. Sanibel West: 549 Loggerhead, 16 Green 588 false crawls & 4647 Hatchlings.

On Captiva, there are 216 Loggerhead, 232 false crawls and 3,019 hatchlings.