Light Construction Finally Begins


After several announcements by the town that construction of a new traffic signal at Old San Carlos and Estero Boulevard would begin, the actual work has finally started.

Two signalization mast arms are being installed to help keep vehicles and pedestrians flowing smoothly in the busy intersection that leads to the Times Square area. The work is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

The Florida Department of Transportation is covering the $777,000 cost for the traffic signals. Ajax Paving Industries of Florida is the Contractor.

Lee County will eventually be installing a traffic signal at the intersection of Crescent Street and Estero Boulevard.


  1. Will this stoplight fix the problem? Will this stoplight create an even bigger bottleneck? Will pedestrians press a switch to make the light change to red?
    Will jaywalking continue?
    Only time will tell if $777k was money well spent.

  2. Should have just hired all the homeless to direct traffic. They are here every day. Oh and Jesus boy. He hangs out there at the corner all the time.

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