Local 11-Year Old’s Nonprofit Aides Hurricane Ian Relief


Inspired by her own experiences before, during, and after the hurricane, Naples resident Sutton Shanahan decided to share her story. With the assistance of an artist, she transformed her narrative into a children’s book called “The Little Hurricane Helper.” Every penny earned from book sales goes towards hurricane relief in Southwest Florida.

The book focuses on a young girl’s journey as she tries to comprehend the magnitude of a hurricane and the importance of being prepared. Through her story, the little girl discovers that her assistance is crucial not only before the storm hits, but also in the aftermath. “The Little Hurricane Helper” beautifully depicts how a community can unite to overcome the challenges caused by a catastrophic event.

In 2022, at age nine, Sutton Shanahan founded the nonprofit organization Kidz 4 A Cause. The mission is teaching children how to make a positive impact in their community through child-centered fundraising and collecting essential items for those in need. Sutton’s goal is to show her peers that age is no barrier when it comes to making a difference. With her efforts, she is shaping the next generation of charitable giving.

Kidz 4 A Cause is making a significant impact. In October 2022, an impressive $350,000 worth of classroom decor and supplies were distributed to teachers in Lee, Charlotte, and Desoto counties. Sutton distributed over 3,250 books and brand-new school supplies to support students as they rebuild their lives after the devastating Hurricane Ian. Sutton is a brand partner with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.



  1. I saw her interview on TV this morning. I wish all kids had her good nature and feeling of giving. She is a cutie for sure!!


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