LPA To Consider Adult Video Arcade


A public hearing will be held before the Local Planning Agency this morning for a proposal to open an Adult Video Arcade at 185 Old San Carlos. We’ve included a Google Map photo of the location so you can see where the applicant is hoping to open the arcade.

The applicant is also asking for approval to sell beer and wine. The location is within 500 feet of Lynn Hall Park which, if approved, would require a deviation from the Land Development Code.

The LPA makes recommendations to the town council when items such as this one come before them.


  1. None you have been anywhere in lee county that has an arcade? It’s a gaming facility. The lucky 7’s places that are everywhere. It’s not an adult bookstore.

  2. If an Adult Video Arcade will feature things like X rated movies, then I agree with Judy that we don’t need that kind of “entertainment” on the island. I remember a high school class trip that I attended in 1967 in New York City when my classmates and I toured the Times Square area. Back then, after dark the whole area was a toilet; wall-to-wall peep shows, hookers roaming the streets, pan handlers and drug dealers galore. I would not want to see our Times Square area morph into that, let’s keep this nonsense off of our island.

  3. And why do we need an Adult Video Arcade? All it’s going to do is attract perverts! Just what we need on the Beach! Let the people who want that go downtown or somewhere else & get it!

    • I belive by “Adult Arcade” they mean where adult gamers can hang out. Kind of like a billiards room, but with video games.

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