Lucrative Lot Now Belongs to The Town


In a ceremony one week ago, TPI’s Tom Torgerson, John Dammermann and Robert Kisabeth officially handed a finished parking lot and beach access over to the town of Fort Myers Beach. TPI donated both to the town after covering 100 percent of the cost to develop the lot and put in the new sidewalk to access the beach.

The event included Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Dan Allers and Jim Atterholt, Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli, Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce President Jacki Liszak, Town Council candidate Karen Woodson, representatives from the construction team building Margaritaville, and members of the community.

Before the ribbon cutting Sandelli spoke about what a huge asset Margaritaville is going to be for the town and for Lee County. “What an amazing journey this project has been,” Sandelli said.
TPI executives agreed to donate the lot and beach access to the town when they were negotiating with the town council for approval of the Margaritaville resort project several years ago. There are many other public benefits from the project that town taxpayers will recognize and we’ll be writing about those in the coming months.

It costs $5.00 per hour to park in the lot and there is no time limit on the number of hours each spot can be used. There are 22 spots in the lot. The town estimates the lot will bring in between $225,000 and $250,000 that will be deposited into the town’s general fund.

The town also officially unveiled the new name for the beach access TPI also donated to the town. It is called Waistina Way. The name was chosen after the town held a contest with community members asking them to submit names.

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