Lynn Hall Closing For One Day


Lee County says The parking lot at Lynn Hall Park on Fort Myers Beach will close temporarily tomorrow as contractors will be on-site to perform survey and boundary work for rebuilding the park’s restroom building. The lot will reopen Thursday.

The restroom building and supporting infrastructure were severely damaged by Hurricane Ian on September 28, 2022. The structure was eventually demolished.

Several months ago, the Lee Board of County Commissioners voted to rebuild the facilities which is expected to take several years. The rebuild will be paid for by FEMA funds.

The beach and temporary restrooms will be accessible for pedestrian access. Lee County Parks & Recreation has posted signs to alert park patrons of the upcoming closure.


  1. The trailer bathrooms that are there currently are just fine. Why block the view? All the talk about the development of Times Square, pier, and Lynn Hall Park are now mute. The crappers have taken the priority…and the view.

  2. Well if FEMA regulation is in play this restroom will be elevated 18ft in the air. What a view you will have from the one way glass, gulf front crapper. Plenty of room for families to have picnics underneath. The possibilities are endless. Homeless can gather for morning meetings.


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