Lynn Hall Park Restrooms To Be Renovated


$450,000 worth of renovations are planned for the restroom facilities in Lynn Hall Park. The upgrades are scheduled to take place in March of 2021 and the bathrooms will be closed while the work is being done. The County will bring in mobile facilities for the public to use while the renovation is taking place.

According to Lee County Parks and Recreation Director Jesse Lavender FEMA regulations only allow 50% of the building to be improved. Why that is wasn’t explained at Thursday’s Tourist Development Council meeting.

Also, in an interesting turn of events, the project was delayed after a contractor scheduled to do the work backed out. During that delay, the value of the building went up so Lee County was able to add more work to the project to get to FEMA’s 50% limit. It went from being a $375,000 renovation to a $450,000 project when a project to install new was added in.

It’s unknown yet if this project will impact the annual Shrimp Festival which is held in Lynn Hall Park. The Shrimp Festival is scheduled for the weekend of March 13th and 14th. As of now, the renovation is planned to begin in mid-March.


  1. What is wrong with gounty government. We are a seasonal tourist destination. This project should not be alleoed to start until AFTER Easter. New bathroom facilites are probably needed but your timing is counterproductive add in beach renourisnment both at our bisiest times, “Are you out of your minds or are you trying to exterminate the town of Fort Myers Beach and it’s businesses

  2. This county is asinine…
    Did we forget the stupidity of the construction in 2020
    Pre covid…..
    I’m over all these stupid ass excuses and BS…

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