Major Issue on The Agenda Next Week


At the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meeting Monday, potential changes to the Land Development Code are on the agenda. This has been an issue of great concern to many homeowners on the island, even more so now during their rebuild.

Items to be discussed include: decreasing corner lot setbacks for narrow lots, allowing porches to encroach further where corner lot setbacks are decreased, amending side setbacks to 7.5 feet for lots less than 75 feet wide and to 10 feet for lots 75 feet wide or more, and allowing encroachment of new mechanical equipment in the side setback in certain instances.

Beach Talk Radio will broadcast the meeting live on Facebook and YouTube, which begins at 9AM.


  1. Citizens should know an elected servant to the in the state of Florida can be recalled after serving 1/4th of their term. All it takes is enough signatures on paper and demand the vote.

  2. This island is so messed up I’m ready to now out from all work.they make rules and don’t even stick with a plan.Like I said it’s sad when a company complies with all local codes and code enforcement treats a company like a criminal after the jobs passed pissed I’ve worked on that island improving jobs for such a catastrophe for 20 years and some code compliance harrassed me to the point I may have suffered from medical.They allow big companies to go in screw us locals and they don’t pull a permit.ive complied each and every time but after this storm now I’m treated like a guilty scumbag.I warned the 2 clowns to stop stalking me and making aggressive tactics I won’t tolerate.I demand action on the businesses that have not pulled permits or do work right.did anyone come to me and ask where? Or could you show me sir? No I get blasted from them for installing a compressor saying I need a permit.Or Friday they chant no permit u go to jail? Really? I laugh at such stupidity and authority but no brains to check if Marina towers had permits pulled first and they passed inspection, ase was closed but they say I needed to keep permit posted way after inspection.sure make the rules up like spoiled kids making rules for a game just to win.mow I’ve said I’ve worked on your beach for over 20 years,but 20 to be fair.why won’t they go after the company I said didn’t pull a permit? Alot of outright fraud as I see it.

  3. I think every homeowner looking to rebuild on FMB should be afforded the same variances that Margaritaville has been given. They are literally up to the sidewalks with their build. These homes have been here for years and they should be able to rebuild with the same footprint they had before Ian, no questions asked.


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