Man, Dressed as Woman, Arrested in Times Square


Late Thursday night Cole Brown (pictured here) was arrested for attacking a server at MangoRita’s and resisting arrest.

The restaurant was closed at the time and the staff was doing cleanup. Witnesses say Brown, dressed as a woman, chased a Mangorita server back into the restaurant, pounded on the door, then gained entry and proceeded to attack the male server. They say he threw a stool at the server and kicked and scratched him.

The server was able to get Brown on the ground while a bystander, who had some zip ties, restrained Brown until deputies arrived. Brown then kicked the officer and resisted arrest while outside.

Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Brown and charged the 24-year old with battery, resisting arrest with violence, battery on an EMT and disorderly conduct (fighting/public moral decency).

Brown, who’s address is listed as Pittsburgh, PA., has a hearing date set for August 16th at 8:30 AM in circuit court. As of this morning he’s listed as “still in custody.”


  1. I’m the owner this crosssdessing psycho chased our sever who had just left back to our facility. We were closed and doing cleanup. It proceeds to assault my server throwing bar stools at him. Scratching and kicking. It was on something. My server protected the rest of the staff. Hero. This trans whatever needs stuffed in a truck and shipped to prison. Before it hurts someone. The aid of the citizen happened to be a guitarist who had zip ties for chords. Also a hero. The officers who shows up heroes. We need them here in the evenings. One officer was assaulted.

    • So sorry that happened! Thank goodness for your server and the passer by. Crazy times we are in!

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