Man, Dressed as Woman, Arrested in Times Square


Late Thursday night Cole Brown (pictured here) was arrested for attacking a server at MangoRita’s and resisting arrest.

The restaurant was closed at the time and the staff was doing cleanup. Witnesses say Brown, dressed as a woman, chased a Mangorita server back into the restaurant, pounded on the door, then gained entry and proceeded to attack the male server. They say he threw a stool at the server and kicked and scratched him.

The server was able to get Brown on the ground while a bystander, who had some zip ties, restrained Brown until deputies arrived. Brown then kicked the officer and resisted arrest while outside.

Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Brown and charged the 24-year old with battery, resisting arrest with violence, battery on an EMT and disorderly conduct (fighting/public moral decency).

Brown, who’s address is listed as Pittsburgh, PA., has a hearing date set for August 16th at 8:30 AM in circuit court. As of this morning he’s listed as “still in custody.”

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