Marceno For Monica


Fort Myers Beach resident and Lee County School Board candidate Monica Schmucker has received the endorsement of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

Marceno said Monica has his full support and endorsement. “We need strong people on the school board who are going to make school safety a priority. Monica’s resume is impressive in two big ways for me. She’s experienced as a school teacher, and as an attorney, she knows the law.”

After receiving the endorsement Monica said, “Ensuring the safety and security of our schools is of paramount importance. I am honored to receive Sheriff Marceno’s endorsement and will remain steadfast in my commitment to making our schools safe environments for all students, faculty, and staff.”

For more details about Monica Schmucker’s campaign visit her official website:


  1. Sheriff Carmine should move on with his political career so we can get a sheriff who supports US CONSTITUTION- period . A great politician makes for a lousy Sheriff

  2. Just wondering why we haven’t heard anymore about the poor guy that was set up by Sheriff Carmine by planting drugs in his car? Now that’s a
    credible endorsement.

    • How is this relevant to the story about Monica and how they want to keep schools safe? I am so tired of people’s negativity all the time.


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