Margaritaville Walkover Bridge Coming Next Month


A major piece of the Margaritaville resort project will be a 14-foot high bridge that connects the resort over Estero Boulevard. The bridge will be open to the public and include public restrooms.

The bridge is going to be raised in place overnight sometime between August 11th and 15th.  We’re hoping to be there for a live broadcast when the bridge is put into place.

The majority of the bridge is being built off the island. It will arrive on site prior to the day its raised into place so the roof, which is being built on the property, can be attached. The bridge will be mobility accessible with elevators and ramps at the width that meets all ADA requirements.

Our most recent video update tour of the construction was this past Saturday. It’s already been viewed over 5,000 times. Watch it HERE.

As a side note, the resort will close off 7 access points or driveways that had cars constantly pulling in and out on the beach side. One of the reasons traffic was so slow at times on Estero Boulevard was because there were so many driveways in that area. Another reason is pedestrians crossing Estero anywhere and everywhere they can. Hopefully part of the pedestrian crossing problem will be solved by the walkover bridge.

Councilman Jim Attorholt, who’s been a proponent of pedestrian walkovers, especially at the foot of the bridge where the state plans to add more pedestrian crosswalks, said about the Margaritaville bridge, “It is my hope that this new pedestrian bridge will be a model for the future for our island to help with the flow of traffic and still move pedestrians safely and efficiently. We as a Town need to adopt incentives into our comprehensive plan that encourage others to build pedestrian bridges over Estero Blvd. when new redevelopment occurs on Fort Myers Beach. Although this is not the complete solution to our traffic problems, I am hopeful that it certainly will be part of the solution.”

The resort is expected to open in September of 2023.


  1. I agree that the bridge will be irrelevant to the pedestrian problem. As things stand, many folks don’t even bother to take the time to walk ten yards to a crosswalk; they just cut across Estero wherever is convenient (for them). If the goal is to keep pedestrians from doing this, the only solution would be some kind of barrier to stop them.

  2. Downtown Clearwater has erected fending in the median in their downtown to funnel the people to a crosswalk. Possibly this can be done from margaritaville to the bridge. It looks very nice if you go there it helps tremendously. Wouldn’t work most other areas of Estero as businesses are on both sides of the road with need of access but would work in this area for sure

  3. Pedestrians won’t take the bridge
    I would never take the bridge. Why I’m the world would I wait for an elevator or walk a flat get of stairs when I can just cross the road? Maybe if it’s raining. But I’m probably already soaked. It’s a pipe dream to think people that wont walk to a crosswalk will climb stairs. The only reason to take the bridge is if the pedestrians can’t cross the road by any other means. But…if I were staying at the hotel I would take the bridge to cross the road because I’m already up there.

  4. I would say, respectfully, to both Robin and Jon that the pedestrian bridge will not be a panacea. It will be air conditioned and have public restrooms available. If you are in that area, it will be an attractive and efficient was to cross a very busy street and I am hopeful it will be highly utilized. With respect to the railings to guide people to cross at the marked crosswalks, I whole heartedly agree and have long supported their implementation. There is no one solution to our traffic challenges but we have to keep trying new things. The status quo with traffic on our island is unacceptable.🏝

  5. Pedestrians won’t walk 20 feet to cross at a crosswalk. Mr. Atterholt & the Town are dreaming if they think people will go to Margaritaville just to cross the road.

  6. It’s a pipe dream to imagine people are going to go up to cross Estero. Railings are a more feasible way of funneling foot traffic to designated crosswalk points.

  7. Exciting news! I hope the state follows Margaritaville’s lead and constructs a walkover at the foot of the bridge instead of more crosswalks!


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