Mayor Gives Congressional Delegation Tour


Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers gave members of the House Oversight Committee a tour of Fort Myers Beach Thursday. The tour followed the Hurricane Ian FEMA response held in Fort Myers Earlier in the day.

Allers took committee members to Times Square, the recently demolished Town Hall and Santini Plaza

Tune into Mondays With The Mayor to find out how the tour went and what the Mayor expects to happen next. We go live with the Mayor at 6PM and we’ll take your questions on any issue you’re dealing with on Fort Myers Beach. The show is broadcast on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Pictures courtesy Fort Myers Beach Public Information Officer Jenny Dexter


  1. Yet again the concern is businesses…. No bother in seeing a street of residential before and after. Dan your life in government is off to a great start….

  2. What’s the common opinion of our new Mayor? Did the city change an ordinance (6:30pm) about live music on the island?


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