Monoclonal Antibody Treatments Coming


As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, and the mask mandate battle rages on once again, Governor Ron DeSantis has been touring the state with news of opening Monoclonal Antibody Treatment centers. When will one be coming to Lee County?

Just this week DeSantis announced new sites in Brevard County, Broward County, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Volusia County and Hillsborough County. A State site has not yet been announced for Lee County.

Lee Health announced on Thursday that it supports adding a site here in Lee County.
Lee Health has been offering MAB treatment to COVID-19 patients since December of 2020 and has seen positive results. Last week Lee Health did more than 270 MAB infusions. The treatment is currently available at Lee Health’s three MAB clinics, which are located at Lee Memorial Hospital, Coconut Point and Cape Coral Hospital.

Monoclonal antibodies are produced in a laboratory and help to support the body’s immune system to fight COVID-19. A physician referral is required for monoclonal antibody treatment, and the patient must have a positive COVID-19 test, be in their first seven days of showing symptoms and meet certain risk factors as required by the FDA.

When a site is open here in Lee County the details will be posted HERE

As of Thursday there were 598 patients with COVID-19 in Lee Health hospitals, that is the highest number ever.