Mooring Field Deadbeats


The Town is doing what it can to rid the mooring field of tenants who don’t pay their bills to use the service the town provides to boaters. According to court documents the town filed three lawsuits on October 30th to start the eviction process of boat owners who have delinquent accounts.

The challenge of what to do about these boats has been the subject of many discussions during Anchorage Advisory Committee meetings as well as town council meetings.

In one of the lawsuits documents show, Peter Cohen was served a delinquent notice for vessel mooring #45 on February 3rd. The notice indicated an outstanding balance of $5,734.26

In another, Louie Bender entered into a 6 month lease agreement from Jan-July 2020. He was served two delinquent notices in March. The second notice listed an overdue amount of $1,024 and indicated a $5 a day late fee would continue to accrue until paid or vacate the mooring field.

The last of the three lawsuits involves David Reynolds who also was issued two delinquent notices one in March and one in April which at that time stated an overdue amount of $493.39

All the lawsuits seek to evict the boat owners and collect damages including a possessory lien on the vessels, damages in the amount of double the monthly rent beginning with the posting of the notice (usual customary rates were listed as $312 a month) plus interest, costs, attorney fees and “any other relief deemed appropriate”.


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