More Queen On The Way


The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum has added a new 2pm Queen of the Sea Keeper Chat to its program lineup. The chats take place daily in the Museum’s Beyond Shells Living Gallery and aquariums. During Queen of the Sea, Aquarists explore unique stories of the Conch species and explain the Museum’s exhibit of Queen and Milk Conchs, which also includes Cowries and Seahorses.

Conchs are amazing animals with conservation histories both successful and complex. Aquarists share their expertise on the life cycle, anatomy, economic importance of the Queen Conch, as well as other animals that coexist in their ecosystems.

Queen of the Sea complements the daily 11am Giant Pacific Octopus Keeper Chat, during which visitors learn about the octopus’ behavior, nutrition, different types of enrichment and training, veterinary care, and water quality. Keeper Chats are included in the cost of admission to the Museum, and are made possible by the support of Bank of the Islands.

“These kinds of in-person gallery dialogues and experiences are a fun and impactful way for visitors to learn more about these animals,” said Sam Ankerson, Executive Director of the National Shell Museum. “People are captivated by the Aquarists’ knowledge of the Conchs, Giant Pacific Octopus, and other marine life in their care. The Museum is grateful to Bank of the Islands for making Keeper Chats possible.”