Mosquito Merger Bill Gets Filed


Representative Adam Botana has filed a Bill with the local Florida delegation that would merge the Fort Myers Beach mosquito district into Lee County. The Bill will be considered by the delegation on October 30th at their annual meeting at FSW in Fort Myers.

The Botana Bill will move through the regular Bill process in Tallahassee if it’s approved by more than 50% of the local delegation on the 30th. If it makes it through the House and Senate and Governor DeSantis signs it, it will become effective on the day it becomes law.

Fort Myers Beach Mosquito Control Chair Joanne Semmer said she was never notified this merger was being considered and says it will cost Fort Myers taxpayers more money and provide less service. Semmer told Beach Talk Radio News Representative Botana has not provided any logical or financial reason for the merger. Semmer plans to speak at the delegation meeting on the 30th in opposition to the merger.


  1. He needs to bring it. Before our town council and the residents before he just puts it through usually it will make our taxes go up unless he shows how going forward it will save us a bunch of money.
    It will not save money if Lee county just collects from us and uses our money for north ft Myers instead of there beach residents. We need the tourists dollars and keeping the bugs down helps with that.

  2. To all of you wondering who Botana is…. You have now exposed yourselves tht clearly you are not residents of Fort Myers Beach or you would know. He is our State Rep. He knows how bad FMB’s finances are so he is trying to come up with ways to save money. But FMB town council will not want to give up any power. Botana runs a successul business in Bonita and is trying to cut waste. No services would be cut on anything he was proposing but all the rocket scientists we have here don’t get that.

  3. Who exactly is this Botana guy? This is the second bill he’s trying to ram through without any type of explanation or study. Is he trying to make a name for himself? He’s doing it wrong…that’s for sure. People like this shouldn’t be in politics.


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