My Meeting With Sheriff Marceno


(By John King – Candidate for FMB Town Council) Thursday I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno. I requested the meeting to introduce myself, my campaign and to discuss issues we’re facing on the beach.

During our meeting I took the opportunity to address the homeless situation on the Island and especially the negative impact it was having on people and businesses in Times Square.

Sheriff Marceno promised to check into it. He made it clear that he’s willing to help those who want help, but will not tolerate those harassing people or businesses. He also promised to act on those lying around and exposing themselves to the general public.

In addition, I let the Sheriff know that after the November election, the new Town Council will be looking to implement Community Policing. The Sheriff asked me what my view of Community Policing was? I told him it was bringing enough officers to our Island so they have time to interact with people and business owners. So they can develop relationships and stop problems from arising, because you know who those officers are, and they know who you are. There’s a connection.

When problems do arise the officers will be able to end the problems early because of the trust that has been built up. To me it was similar to the broken window policy that Rudy Giuliani implemented in New York City that helped clean that city up.

I also urged Sheriff Marceno to help our taxpayers by applying for federal grants that will help alleviate our costs. The Sheriff wholeheartedly agreed and stated that he has a person on staff that applies for various grants.

Finally, I pledged to work to improve the relationship between the Town of Fort Myers Beach and Lee County.

Also this week, on Monday I addressed the Fort Myers Beach town council regarding an issue I had helped work on since March. We were successful in getting a roll back on the tint for windows from .15 to the state standard of .45. This allows those that put replacing windows & sliding doors on hold because of the restrictive ordinance the opportunity to move forward with their projects.

Thank you and I hope you’ll consider voting for me on November 8th.

John R. King
Candidate Fort Myers Beach Town Council
King For Council – Common Sense – Fort Myers Beach, Florida (