Myerside Owners Giving Tours This Week


The owners of Myerside Resort and Cottages, located on School street near Bay Oaks, are giving tours this week to any local residents interested in seeing firsthand why they are requesting a zone change from the town council. A second public hearing will be held on the issue April 5.

The reason the owners are asking for the zone change is so they can add a small store and restaurant with Estero Boulevard frontage, and make other changes that will net them 2 more units, bring the total number of units on their property to 14.

The town staff has recommended the application put forth by the owners of Myerside be denied.

The Local Planning Agency voted unanimously (6-0) to approve the change. The owners and the LPA believe the changes are consistent with the town’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. The town staff does not.

Tours will be held starting today at 11AM and run through Saturday. If you’re interested you should call (239) 765-0297

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