New Bay Oaks to Include Cool Outdoor Fitness Area


As part of the multi-million dollar Bay Oaks rebuild, a new 30 by 30 fitness area will be built near the entrance to the facility. It’s a brilliant idea from a company called National Fitness Campaign. The company has done all the work so municipalities, like Fort Myers Beach, can easily incorporate exercise into the community

Fitness Court is a 30 by 30 square or about the size of half a tennis court. The area features 7 exercise movements and is built for residents to stop by to do their own workouts or for friendly competitions. It’s a 7-movement, 7-minute system designed so people can use their own bodyweight.

The goal of National Fitness is to build healthy communities outdoors.

There is also a Fitness Court mobile App. which provides users with a library of free workouts.

The Fitness Court was invented by Mitch Menaged in San Francisco in 1979, with the goal of encouraging healthy lifestyles. With the support of Wells Fargo Bank, the Campaign was launched at Stanford University and in the City of San Francisco. It then spread throughout California and the western United States.

So far there are 200 fitness courts across the country.

The new outdoor fitness area on Fort Myers Beach could be up and running in 9 months.


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