New Community Group Forms


The name of the organization, made up of Fort Myers Beach residents and business owner, is “Let’s Go FMB.” The goal of the group is to speak as one voice to move the rebuilding process along at a faster pace. Here is the groups mission statement..

The Let’s Go FMB mission statement:
“To foster leadership and incentives for redevelopment of FMB that addresses the needs of the community as a whole. To do this with the full participation of residents and businesses, recognizing both are needed to build back our vibrant FMB community, and a path forward for recovery.”

The organizing members of the group are:
Rebecca Weber
Beverly Milligan
Scott Safford
Chuck Bodenhafer
Terry Persaud

The group is holding its first meeting Monday evening from 4PM to 6PM at Diamondhead Resort. The public is invited to attend.

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