New Deed Filing Requirements Coming


Beginning January 1st, there will be new requirements when recording property deeds. The statewide change is a result of HB 1419, which Lee County Clerk Kevin Karnes and state lawmakers initiated to make it harder to file fraudulent deeds.

Currently, deeds require two witness signatures to be recorded, with the name of each witness to be legibly printed, typewritten, or stamped immediately below the signature. Beginning Jan. 1, the post office address of each witness will also be required and must be legibly printed, typewritten, or stamped on the deed.

“This is just one more layer of protection for property owners,” said Karnes. “Criminals shouldn’t be able to steal your home or your property. I’m optimistic that this new requirement, along with the property fraud prevention pilot program, is a positive step in preventing property fraud in Lee County.”

The Title Fraud Prevention Through Identity Verification Pilot Program, which requires all persons listed on a deed to provide a government-issued photo ID before the deed is processed, is also a part of HB 1419. Lee County was chosen to be the state’s pilot location for the program, and the Lee Clerk’s office launched it over the summer. The ID requirement through the program will make it easier for law enforcement to verify the identity of the parties engaged in a property-related transaction and investigate fraudulent activity.

Property owners are also encouraged to sign up for the Lee Clerk’s free Property Fraud Alert service, which notifies property owners when a deed, mortgage or other document with their name has been recorded. To learn more CLICK HERE.


  1. Confused about this…
    Is this for new RE transactions? Or as a property owner, we have to do this in order to sell or prove we own a piece of real estate?


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