New Mooring Field Concept To Be Pitched Thursday


Did the town buy the property for upland services or not? That’s what has residents on Tropical Shores Way scratching their heads. At Thursday morning’s Management & Planning meeting, the town council will see the first concept of a new mooring field upland facility town staff wants to build behind town hall.

The town recently purchased a half acre of property at 166 Chapel street and 99 Tropical Shores Way from Gordon Zeng for $1 million. Every indication has been so far that the land will be used to build a new upland facility for mooring field residents, including this concept the town council will look over on Thursday.

Tropical Shores Way residents have been holding meetings to try to get answers. It’s not that they have an issue with the property behind town hall. They have a problem with the increased traffic they expect to see in the canal in their neighborhood if the plan goes through.

Residents are concerned that the canal that runs behind their homes will turn into a highway of traffic for non tax-paying residents. The Fort Myers Beach mooring field now has 70 balls with plans to expand that to 89. Tropical Shores Way resident Larry Abramoff says if the facility is built behind town hall there will be 40-100 additional trips up and down that canal every day.

Upland services for the mooring field include bathrooms, showers, trash removal, washers and dryers and other amenities.

Despite what seems to be a clear plan to put the building on that property, Mayor Ray Murphy said Monday that there is no plan yet. “No deals have been made. When it comes up, there will be notification. You’ll be in the loop. There is no deal yet.
We will carry the M&P meeting this Thursday live.

Normally, there is no public comment period during those meetings. Decisions are not made by the council at M&P meetings. They are held to have deeper discussions on issues concerning the town.



  1. I feel sorry for the people who live on that canal. I heard there was trash all over the place in the area where they now go ashore. I would think all the properties on canal would have voice when zoning needs to be changed. Look at all the trouble the town gave Myersides.

  2. Love the mooring field but a million dollars for land and then another 1/2 million for land development for 89 boats.
    Restrooms, clubhouse,parking.
    What till the homeless hang around and set up shop.
    This is exactly what the island is missing.
    Love this.

  3. I just wonder if anyone on council has taken the time to actually go up and down this canal? It’s very narrow and shallow. It’s a mud pit during low tide and boat owners on the canal have a very hard time turning around, even in high tide . I live as a full time resident on the canal can’t see that dredging would not have to happen? How would it not affect existing sea wall? Also with wild life ? It seems to me that would be a major Impact on the environment and wildlife? Please reconsider another site , that is zoned commercial. Please don’t take away where manatee and dolphin can feed .

  4. Once again Seamus speaks up with reason and common sense. YES, why on earth does the Town of Fort Myers Beach feel obligated or willing to buy property, build a facility and manage it for such a small number of live-a-boards?! Additionally, why is the town interested in being in the business of installing charge stations for electric cars? 90% or more cars are gas powered cars. Why does the town owe electric cars a parking spot to charge their cars? Why not the same consideration for cars that need to fill up with gasoline? How about letting the private sector provide gas stations and electric charge stations to the general public?

  5. Since when is it the Town’s responsibility to get into the mooring field business? And to whose benefit? Certainly not the taxpayers. A while ago, Roger was quoted as saying the mooring field and the upland services building could be a “break-even” venture. Who’s in business to break even? Certainly not our local government!! (or are they?) Mooring fields and upland services are NOT services for which any town government is responsible. Leave that to the private sector. This Town Council and the Town Manager have enough on their plate without crowding it further with a service they don’t need to provide. Traffic, Estero Blvd. lighting, turtles, crosswalks, parking. . . seems like they have enough to worry about. Why not focus on settling those more important issues before you go biting off more than you can possibly chew? All of you are responsible for spending OUR tax money for the betterment of this community. Do NOT lose sight of that. The tax-paying members of Fort Myers Beach deserve nothing less.

  6. This plan is a travesty; it won’t benefit the residents and it will otherwise ruin a quiet canal and it’s natural habitat. If the council members lived on this street it wouldn’t see the light of day.


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