New Parking Perks For Beach Residents


Now through September 30th all Fort Myers Beach residents that have a valid town-issued parking pass can park in any town owned parking lot at no additional cost. During peak season residents with a pass can only park under the Matanzas Pass Bridge.

The Town Council was hoping to offer free Summer parking to both residents and customers in the downtown district. However, the bridge loan the town was awarded from the state specifically states the town cannot do anything to reduce revenue.

Residents can purchase parking passes for $25 from Town Hall at the Bay Oaks facility. And remember the free parking is for town owned lots only, not the privately owned parking lots. Look for a space that has a town sign which will include the town logo.

If you’re not sure where all the town parking spaces are, you may want to print this out.



  1. Town Council, thanks for the generous benefit to the residents while you approve developments with 125% more density and higher than allowed by right with NO benefit to residents.

    • I kind of agree, Steve. I think that the businesses could be more spread out instead of one core area. I’ve taken a lot of heat and disagreement over my position on development. I was against this one.

  2. During peak season can residents with a parking sticker park in any of the 4 parking lots on the list that are under the Matanzas Bridge?

  3. Are town parking spaces on the street?
    Also whats up with that hurricane sticker? That was as clear as mud.

    • John King has respectfully answered my question and has confirmed the program includes street parking and not just the lots. Thank you Mr King. Also to clear up the hurricane sticker issue I believe he was saying it would be in addition to the hurricane passes and are just being encouraged for expedited access.


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