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While the steps to the fishing pier under the Matanzas Pass Bridge are already gone, there’s still a chance the pier can be saved. The state was in the process of removing the fishing pier after the town decided it would not take over the maintenance of the pier. However, that may change.

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy said he spoke to an F.D.O.T. engineer during the Matanzas Pass Bridge public meeting last week who told him there really wouldn’t be much maintenance required if the town took over the pier.

Murphy brought that new information to the council Monday. Town Manager Roger Hernstadt said the pier was in disrepair and the town was not in the business of repairing bridges. The state was willing to make the needed repairs to the pier if the town would take ownership of the pier after those repairs were made. Murphy suggested the town could sign an agreement with Lee County to fix any future repairs needed to the bridge being they are in the business of maintaining bridges.

F.D.O.T. spokesman Adam Rose told Beach Talk Radio News Monday that it is not too late to save the pier.

Hernstadt said he would ask an F.D.O.T. representative to come to a future council meeting to explain what the cost would be to maintain the pier moving forward.

Murphy said it’s an amenity to the town worth fighting for.



  1. As the manager of the Lighthouse Resort, I think its a nice feature for our town. It is also a nice selling point for future guests when we can tell them there is a public fishing pier out onto both the gulf and bay waters. And I agree, when I am dining in any of the restaurants on that end of Old San Carlos Blvd, I find myself out on the end of that pier taking in the sites and hoping to see someone catching something.

  2. Here’s a thought: save the money you were going to spend on the property for the mooring field service building as well as the additional mooring balls and budget that money for this fishing pier over the next several years. Places for money-spending tourists to throw a line in the water seems more in line with the goals of a tourism-driven town like Fort Myers Beach than getting into the mooring field business. The annual operating costs of this pier are, ummm, close to nil? or at least substantially less than upland service buildings for a mooring field?

  3. I agree the town should work with FDOT to keep this fishing pier open to the public. It is historic, and hopefully can be incorporated into a bayfront pedestrian walkway along that part of the bay from Matanzas Restaurant to Moss Marina.

  4. Removing it should have never even been a thought. Fix it, repair it, maintain it. It’s a wonderful spot… Even historical!

  5. Though I have not fished from the pier, I have, on occasion found myself walking to the end of the pier. Yes, all tugs need maintenance. Perhaps a user tax of a small amount would help with the budget cost. A segregated fund could be set up with the fee going into it. The town should become the “owners” of the pier.

  6. Also…..VERY sad to see the steps removed in the picture and the graffiti already on the concrete…..barricades up…sure doesn’t add to the “area vibe.”

  7. This is a GREAT place to do some fishing……Please consider this offer by the state to repair the pier and the city take it over……It adds to the area….just like a business does….I use it everyday when we visit the area….and support the local bait stores. Please reconsider…Thank you

    • Sorry…..may I also add that I STRONGLY agree with the Mayor that it’s a amenity to the town worth fighting for as MANY people use the area as a photo opportunity….I see many couples and families taking the walk on the pier as a relaxing moment…either being at Sunrise, after lunch or dinner at a local restaurant …Thanks again for considering my comments 😊


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