Fort Myers Beach Closing in on 40 Nests


Turtle Time reports that as of the end of this week, there are now 38 nests on Fort Myers Beach. There were also 45 false crawls. Here’s how that stacks up against Sanibel, Captiva and Bonita.

SCCF reports a total of 182 nests on Sanibel, 145 nests (one of which is a green turtle) and 157 false crawls on the west end and 37 nests and 68 false crawls on the east end.

Captiva has 52 nests with 78 false crawls.

Bonita Beach has 75 nests and 86 false crawls.

Please do your part and fill in holes in the sand, remove beach furniture and other objects that would obstruct the path of a turtle and please remember to close your drapes at night, turn off or shield exterior lights..…or better yet…use Amber LED bulbs for outside illumination. Don’t use flashlights, cell phones or take a flash photo of a sea turtle if you are lucky enough to witness one crawling onto the beach.