Our First Look at The Library Since The Storm


Our walkaround last Saturday was at the Fort Myers Beach Library. Library Operations Manager Liz Rhodes was our tour guide for the first inside look of the library since the storm heavily damaged the facility. Watch the video HERE on Facebook or HERE on YouTube.


  1. I think we pay about $115 a year for the library as an out of state property owner. Probably use it once or twice or year.

    It is an over-the-top library for a 7 mile long island. Very impressive. But the proof is in the circulation stats and how much it is used.

    Since the town hall was way underinsured, maybe the town can “lease” space or a floor in the library as the new town hall.

    Also, as a 24 year property owner, have NEVER been to town hall in those 24 years. Most business can be done over the phone or online…

  2. Carol brings up a great point-
    The Library and New Fire stations and New Town halls are ALL LUXURIOUS WANTS-
    Now is when we should be putting all “wants” on Hold and deal with “NEEDS”-
    It’s a joke to be spending discretionary income that we don’t have –
    All major town expenditures should go thru some kind of referendum – nobody runs on these things then they implement against wishes of people when they are in power – STOP the Sellout of FMB , we don’t need to be Naples or have Towers and multimillion dollar homes everywhere –
    Stop the insanity- often Less is More

    • The library and Fire Department are NOT under the control of the Town of FMB.
      They are independent taxing authorities run by elected Boards of directors. The library and fire commissioners are elected by the voters, but most voters don’t even bother participating in those elections.

      • Time will tell where the funds to fix the “heavily damaged” library are obtained. Being an independent taxing authority it should obtain their funds independently and not from the town.

  3. Libraries are important part of a city’s culture, and they are not the traditional storehouses of books anymore. They can provide places for internet access, meeting spaces, tutoring sessions, lecture series and books. I hope this location can come back stronger than it was before.

  4. We’ve been in the library only once since it opened, and it’s a beautiful, well designed, and full of great information building. But, is the building really utilized to its fullest potential at this time? Maybe the current library could be used as the new Town Hall or another needed building by the town? During the next several years while the island is rebuilding, how many people are really going to use the library? Lakes Regional Library is about 8 miles away and can be used for the amount of people that utilize the FMB Library. I know this comment is not going to be welcomed by the supporters of the library and I totally respect that, but maximizing the utilization of a building that size during this time of rebuild might be a financially prudent option.

  5. Please give Liz my information I am will be in Fort Myers June 9-13 and would like to talk to her how I may be able to help with the rebuild I have books and movies to donate and would like to discuss a partnership of rebuild with help from Michigan library friends.


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