Persaud Wants 24 Hotel Units in Times Square


Times Square property owner Terry Persaud has submitted a pre-application to build 24 hotel units on .5 acres of property he owns in Times Square. Currently the Times Square area is zoned for Restaurant & Retail.

A pre-application is a request to meet with town staff to get feedback on whether a proposal fits into the town’s rules and codes. Persaud is asking town staff for feedback on height, density, flood plain requirements, F.A.R. and variances. By right, any property owner in Times Square can now build 3 floors high.

It’s no secret Persaud wants to build hotel units in the Times Square area to help recoup some of the investment he’s made in that area. In addition to owning the former Sunset Grill property along with the adjoining parking lot, Persaud also purchased the Dairy Queen lot on the other end of Times Square.

The pre-application Persaud submitted is for the design and build of 24 hotel units at 1028 and 1046 Estero Boulevard, which is the Sunset Grill area.

Unlike all of the other major proposals on Fort Myers Beach (Moss Marina, London Bay, The Neptune, Myerside) where public meetings were held seeking community input, Persaud and his fellow Times Square committee members have been very secretive so far about what they propose to build in Times Square. The only official picture we’ve been able to share with you is this one picture that was sent around to a few council members without any explanation.

If we get details on the meeting between Persaud and his staff we will pass them along.

NOTE: An earlier version of our story stated that the Chamber also received a picture of the Times Square rendering. That was incorrect, the Chamber did not receive a copy of the picture.

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  1. That’s not the only community he doesn’t care about. You should on what he owns, and doesn’t take of in Minn. Including a senior living place😖

  2. I just hear “they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot” everytime I read something like this. The people that wrote the codes and ordinances put them in place for a reason, not to be exempted and maneuvered around. Times Square, can’t it be designated as an historical landmark so it can at least stay the way that made it popular and family friendly as well as just a restaurant and bar area?

    • Nancy time square pedestrian area is less than 20 years old. It’s but an artifact. Could never meet the criteria of a historical landmark like the mound house or other historical sites. We lost mango Rita’s our restaurant on time square. Nothing will bring that back. Mother Nature decided our fate. And always remember a new building can have an old facade look to it. Maybe this is the middle ground. Most don’t realize but almost no buildings had sprinkler systems in time square. This loses a great fire risk. So maybe this was a blessing that nobody was there when something devastating happened. We look forward to what the future holds as many of our friends are still fighting to get back in their homes or businesses.

  3. He paid about 2/3 of his fine and the city accepted it as payment. Maybe not in full but they should have refused the payment and been told to come back with full payment.

  4. Yes allow it a with stipulations to meet all requirements. We need more people here to support business and for new business to be willing to build and invest into the community for all of us to enjoy. Locals and visitors. If not then this island is gonna be one boring place. No where to eat no night life no nothing.

  5. As a resident of FMB I am against any development that will bring one more car on the Island or increase density. The Island was overpopulated prior to Ian. Now we have a chance to rebuild FMB into a more comfortable environment for property owners that call Estero Island their home.
    So, I recommend the following;
    1) Stick to the code. Do not compromise.

  6. Seriously? What balls! Pay your fines yet? Why would the board even consider a hotel in Times Square yet alone one owned by Persaud? Nope!

  7. Downtown doesn’t need a hotel it’s for retail and restaurants. If he can come up with a combo design. It should be considered if it follows the esthetics and has green space. Last time I checked we live in a free country and can do what we like.

  8. This man is not a responsible community member. He has done nothing but cost FMB thousands in legal fees and has done nothing to clean up his properties since Ian. He doesn’t seem to care at all about this community. He should not be allowed to do anything until all of his debts to the Town are paid.


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