Poker Walk Raises Over $1,800


The Poker Walk to raise money to help fund the reconstruction of the Arches in Bowditch Park raised $1,837.80 last weekend. Steven Ray McDonald from Restore The Arches said, I would like to thank the wonderful venues and people that continue to support our effort.”

The organization’s next venture is the Women’s Club Christmas Tree Festival & Auction.

The group is also selling bricks to raise money. The customized bricks will be part of the reconstruction. Find more details on the bricks HERE.

The estimated cost to reconstruct the arch is $43,000. So far the organization has raised about $18,000.

The arches welcomed residents and visitors to Fort Myers Beach, where the Matanzas Pass bridge now sits, from 1924-1979. When they were knocked down to construct the new bridge not all the pieces were saved. Those that were are now in storage

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