Popeye Launches Bike Billboards


Fort Myers Beach resident Mike “Popeye” Dearden has launched the first-of-its-kind mobile billboard advertising business in SWFLA. Bike Billboards is currently riding four routes, covering south Ft. Myers, Iona, and Ft. Myers Beach.

Contracts to run an ad run for 3, 6, and 12 months. Here’s Mike’s setup: High quality 5½’ × 3½’ canvas banners are set inside an aluminum alloy frame which offers high visibility with a clearance of 6’8″ height. Each unit advertises two businesses at once!

“What a great idea, and a unique venue!”, said John Drivas, Owner of the Summerlin Cafe. “Businesses like those on Ft. Myers Beach have a captive audience during season,” he said, “but this venue on the roads in Ft. Myers let people there know what there is to do down there, too.”

Popeye tells Beach Talk Radio news, “Once we sign enough contracts to put 4 units on the roads, we’ll open a second hub in central Ft. Myers, likely in the Bell Tower area of US41. All bikes and trailers will carry liability insurance, and riders will wear body cams. Bike Billboards is a non-offensive sharer of the roadways. We yield to everyone.”

To advertise with Bike Billboards, contact Mike “Popeye” Dearden at (239) 645-2402 or popeye@bikebillboards.biz