Public Safety Survey On The Way


The Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee is working on details for a survey it plans to send out to residents in early 2021. The committee is looking for feedback on what you believe to be the top public safety issues on the island.

Some of the items the committee plans to ask you about include:
– Pedestrian safety
– The Homeless
– Bike Lanes
– Policing Services
– Street Lighting

Beach Talk Radio recently completed a poll on the issue of public safety on the beach. Here were your top ten priorities:
#1 TIE) Crosswalks
#1 TIE) Homeless
#3) Traffic (including speeders and distracted drivers)
#4) Lighting
#5) Intoxicated people
#6) Bicycles
#7) Boaters
#8) Golf carts
#9) Lack of police presence
#10) Noise

The town survey is expected to be sent out in February.