Remembering & Rebuilding Paradise.


We’re writing a book about you. Every home, every cottage, every resort, every restaurant on Fort Myers Beach is filled with stories and memories from locals and visitors from all over the country. Many of those structures are gone, but the memories must live on.

We’ve started gathering pictures and your memories for a book we plan to release on September 28, 2023. That working (tentative) title is Remembering & Rebuilding Paradise.

Here’s how you can help make this a great book for everyone to read on Fort Myers Beach and for future visitors to the island

Keep e-mailing me your before and after pictures (

Every home, cottage, resort, business and restaurant on Fort Myers Beach has a unique and interesting story behind it. Help us tell those stories and spread the word about Fort Myers Beach to everyone across the country.

The idea for the final product is to have your pictures on one page and your story on the opposite page of the pictures. We’re hoping to tell 100 stories in the book.

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