Reminder: The Park & Ride is Open


Lee County reached out to ask for a little help reminding everyone that they can mitigate some of the traffic and parking issues on the beach by utilizing the beach park and ride at 11101 Summerlin Square Drive.

From the Park & Ride visitors can take the route 490 Trolley directly to the beach. You can park for free and ride the Beach Trolley for only $0.75 a ride. Once you get to the beach you can ride the free open-air Tram which travels from Bowditch Beach to the Library with stops all along the way.

The tram runs on a loop every 20-40 minutes depending on traffic and the trolley schedule can be viewed here.


  1. Lee County is remiss in signage. As you drive towards Pine
    Ridge Road heading west, the only beach signs take you to the RIGHT.
    Nothing points to that lot which has been a White elephant since the County spent millions on it.

  2. People are lazy. They want the convenience of pulling their crap out of their trunk instead of taking it on a bus. When it comes to convenience nothing matters more to most people. So greedy and selfish, just like our government. I am sure our reps don’t take the bus either. Unfortunately since I live here I have to sit in traffic for sometimes 2 hours to go to work. Then if I go off to shop in the morning, I can’t get back home without sitting in traffic again. It has always been that way, so it would sure be nice to finally have a solution for at least next season. Especially if you want the crowds all year round. What a mess that would be.

  3. I fail to understand why more people dont use this service. Park off island, ride a bus that will drop you off close to a beach access, avoid walking several blocks from a parking spot to the beach and save a $20 parking fee. Whats the downside?


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