Restaurants Receive Outdoor Heater Warnings


Several Fort Myers Beach restaurants have been told they can no longer use outdoor propane heaters to keep their customers warm at night. One restaurant was told 25 heaters could no longer be used while another said every single heater they had was red flagged.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department is responsible to inspect the outdoor heaters (the Fire Department operates separately from the town council).

Assistant Fire Chief Ron Martin says all outdoor propane heaters need to be pre-approved and the fire department is working with several locations that are not in compliance. “Our Life Safety team is currently working with a few businesses to determine appropriate placement, location, and options to comply with Florida State Laws, Rules, and Codes. As always, we are here to help gain compliance with State rules, laws, and codes.”

Apparently there was a location using an outdoor heater that malfunctioned and almost caught the businesses structure on fire.

Businesses can download the National Fire Protection Association outdoor heater fact sheet HERE.