The Roger Showdown is June 7th


We may know whether or not town manager Roger Hernstadt holds onto his job for the forseeable future in 10 days.

Despite Fort Myers Beach Ray Murphy neglecting to follow the procedure as written into embattled Town Manager Roger Herndstadt’s contract, which requires a performance review every year before the end of May, Hernstadt’s performance will be reviewed in public on June 7, the final meeting for the council until August.

If you’re interested in providing feedback on Hernstadt’s performance – or his representation of the town – there are two ways you can provide it to the full council.

If you cannot make the June 7th meeting you can send an e-mail with your thoughts to That e-mail will be distributed to all the council members. It will also become a public document.

You can also attend the June 7th meeting in person and speak during public comments. Every speaker gets 3 minutes.

There’s been a behind-the-scenes effort to move on from Hernstadt. Those behind the effort believe he does not communicate well with the community, and, with Fort Myers Beach about to embark on an enormous amount of growth and change it’s time for new leadership.


  1. What exactly are the specifics of the “golden handcuff “deal the previous council agreed to give the CM?
    This severance in addition to extending the City Managers contract for three additional years was wrong in my opinion. What exactly did the taxpayers of Fort Myers get in exchange for the salary increase and severance package ??

  2. Hernstadt will most probably resign and Fort Myers Beach will be shocked at what his severance package will call for to be paid to him. City attorney John Herin may be the bigger problem here…. they are close friends and protect each other’s interest to the determent of the City they were hired to represent and uphold. Watch Herin continue to side with Hernstadt and then threaten “legal” issues which is designed to create fear and prevent taking action.

  3. There are reasons Hernstadt was asked to leave Marathon and Marco, which are the only other Town Manager positions he has held, because he is not community oriented.

  4. If he’s going to wear his shirt that unbuttoned he at least needs to add a gold chain or two😆

  5. He needs to step down. His actions stem from Ego and rarely in the highest good of the residents of this island.

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