Roper Pub Crawl Raises Over $11K


A Helen Roper themed Pub Crawl this past Saturday raised $11,158 for FMB Strong with over 300 people dressing up to participate in the event. They were hard to miss anywhere on the island and the extremely successful event was the talk of the town all weekend.

The 2nd annual Mrs. Roper event has already been set for February 8, 2025.

FMB Strong is a 501c3 that continues to help people in need after the destruction of Hurricane Ian. You can donate to the organization online HERE.


  1. Congratulations to FMB STRONG for a successful event..great support across the island..please join us all for another event to support FMB STRONG at Love Fest
    On Valentine’s Day a day of Art and Healing open to the public admission free it is off island at beautiful gallery and large garden space..see story Ed will do regarding the event.


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