Rude Shrimp Hopes to Open Next Month


After purchasing the Edelweiss Burger location on Estero Boulevard earlier this year, TJ Holzapfel, and his wife Lisa, lost their entire operation when Hurricane Ian wiped out their building.

They’ve been operating a food truck at local events for the past several months and plan to reopen in mid-January after having their shipping containers sent down from their original location in Nebraska.

Once they receive all of their permits they plan to use the food truck as their kitchen and bring in a stage for live music. They do plan to sell alcohol as they did when the restaurant was open for business. They have also ordered industrial electrical spool tables and chairs for the courtyard-sand area.

The husband and wife duo wound up in Florida after a short stint in Jacksonville after college. They loved the state, took a tour of Florida, and fell in love with Fort Myers Beach. After seeing that the Edelweiss business was for sale they jumped on it as quickly as they could.

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