Sanibel Bans Loud Leaf Blowers. Is FMB Next?


Earlier this week the Sanibel City Council unanimously passed a modification to its noise ordinance that will ban the use of gas powered leaf blowers after December 31, 2022. There was a lot of community support for the ban from local residents.

The council received about 50 letters, in addition to public comment, at two public hearings. Most were in favor of the ban due to the loud noise and pollution.

The reason for considering the ban, according to the new ordinance: “it has been deemed necessary by the City Council to preserve the City’s neighborhoods and quit enjoyment of the environment within the City of Sanibel while also protecting the general welfare of residents, property owners, workers and visitors.”

Until the end of 2022 residents are allowed to use gas powered leaf blowers between the hours of 9AM and 4:30PM. Using them on major holidays is already prohibited. One amendment was made to the ordinance. All three on Sanibel golf courses asked for an exemption for their pull-behind blowers and that was granted.

The town of Fort Myers Beach is considering a similar ban and the town council is looking at the Sanibel ordinance for direction.


  1. I agree that these are a nuisance. When we come to Florida to relax in the sun but only get whining leaf blowers every morning from the landscaping companies for all of the surrounding condo units. Extremely loud and it goes on forever! I hope FMB follows suit. Only day off we get is Sunday. Thank you Sanibel!!

  2. Sanibel should ban all the whiny little liberals complaining. Waa,waa,waa. I’ll assume gas lawn mowers are next? Too loud. Can’t hear myself bitching. Lol.

  3. Wow, what a bunch of whiny & nosy
    Whoever is complaining should NOT be Anonymous so everyone knows how “special” you are!!

  4. The way most leaf blowers are used just gets junk off of your own property and re-distributes it elsewhere.
    I never could believe the practice was legal, especially professional landscapers trashing the areas surrounding a business they are contracted to with yard waste, even blowing it into a busy street with open air vehicals driving by.
    Screw the noise, all modern landscaping implements are loud, it’s the kicking of one’s yard waste on to someone else’s territory that is the nuisance screaming for banning.
    Hope the Town of FMB does follow suit….

  5. I didn’t know This is a real world problem. My research shows Those leaves are constantly invading our communities, wreaking havoc, and causing undue stress. The use of high powered assault leaf weapons are needed but the large blasts of air could harm you while walking by! Or even worse, mess up your hair. The loud noise emitted has been known to drown out your nagging spouse or yapping dog. It’s a travesty.
    But It May cause many to “Leaf” Sanibel and Blow over to FMB. As for Fort Myers Beach- Please Leaf Us Alone.

  6. That’s ridiculous. Are they loud? Yes. Is it really an impediment upon your life? No. Just stop fighting these types of fights and do something that will actually benefit your town.


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