Sanibel Ends COVID-19 Emergency


The City of Sanibel allowed its COVID-19 State of Emergency expire this week when the city council met on Tuesday, ending the requirement for Sanibel residents to wear a mask.

Sanibel businesses can require employees and customers wear a mask if they so chose.

The city council will also look into making outdoor dining permanent for restaurants. That was a rule put in place during the pandemic to give businesses more space to serve while allowing for social distancing.

City of Sanibel buildings, including City Hall offices will be open to the public; at this time face coverings will continue to be required inside all City of Sanibel buildings, including the Recreation Center.

COVID-19 related restrictions on Special Events implemented by the Sanibel City Council are lifted immediately. All other pre-COVID City Special Event requirements remain in place.

Sanibel City Hall Council Chambers public seating is increased to 50% of capacity.
Hereafter, the Sanibel Farmers Market will determine their own face covering policies.