Sanibel To Consider Banning Alcohol To Fight COVID


The Sanibel City Council will discuss a permanent alcohol ban on the beach when it meets today. Back in June the council voted to temporarily ban alcohol on the beach, thinking that might keep COVID-19 numbers down. Today they will discuss making the ban permanent.

Mick Denham has been the Acting Mayor since Kevin Ruane left to take his seat on the County Board of Commissioners. Denham told WINK News, “Because we’re the only area that does not have a restriction on drinking alcohol on the beach, it attracts everybody. We have had experiences, 20 or 30 people gathering on a beach, setting up a bar with tables, with beer kegs and whiskey bars on tables on the beach, causing, tracking a lot of people, noise, music.”

The City of Sanibel also has a mask mandate in place.


  1. Alcohol now causes Covid. What next? Stupidity causes government over reach. How about that sanibel and FMB?maybe Covid comes out at night like the bogey Man or maybe it stays clear if wal mart because it’s paid to stay away. Meanwhile small business suffers

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