SCCF CEO Leaving At End of Year


SCCF CEO Ryan Orgera has announced he’ll be leaving SCCF at the end of the year. He’s accepted a job as the first Global Director of an international fisheries management project that will seek to identify and fight against corruption in large-scale, industrial fisheries around the world.

In his new position, Ryan will have the ability to effect change in global systems and fight for our shared oceans. This new initiative is being launched by and funded through Oceans 5 and Pew Charitable Trusts.

Ryan said, “I am incredibly proud of the three rewarding years I have spent here. Because of our incredible staff, board, and community, I have been able to help shepherd the organization to meaningful successes. This is the most committed, bright, and welcoming group of people I have ever known.”

Orgera has been CEO of SCCF for the past 3 years.