Seagate Constructs Sensory Walking Path at Beach School


Employees from Seagate Development recently volunteered at Fort Myers Beach Elementary School to complete the construction of a Sensory Walking Path. The path provides students the opportunity to build sensory connections in the brain, challenge their balance and spatial awareness and experience many different tactile sensations within the path.

Marc Taglieri, director of sales and business development of Seagate Development Group, who has a background in education, said, “I was an educator for 19 years, so it was important to me to give back to the school and the community. Seagate wanted to give the school a reminder that the community is here to help them on their continued return to normalcy. We are honored to be able to give the school this Sensory Walking Path.”

In 2022, Fort Myers Beach Elementary School suffered severe storm damage from Hurricane Ian. A dozen Seagate employees came together to create a Sensory Walking Path, comprised of pressure treated lumber, shell, river rock, lava rock, drainage tubing, sand, artificial grass and rocks painted by the students. This was installed at the rear entrance of the school, connecting two of the interior school entrances. Seagate also added eight yards of shell to flower beds along the building and entrance.

“We are proud to have our employees contribute to the school environment at Fort Myers Beach Elementary,” said Matt Price, CEO of Seagate Development Group. “It’s a rewarding experience to have our employees make a direct impact in our community.”



  1. Why does the cynic in me believe that this was not a magnanimous gesture, but rather a PR move to get 25 stories on their condo towers?


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