She Got Caught


The viral video of the lady speeding down Fort Myers Beach in a white jeep was all over Facebook and the local news channels this past weekend. It didn’t take long for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to track her down. Here’s what we know.

Fort Myers Beach has an ordinance on its books prohibiting vehicles from driving on the beach. The ordinance says: “It is unlawful and prohibited to operate any engine-powered vehicle, machine, or implement, including any electrical powered vehicle, machine, or implement, on the beach, dune, or on sea turtle nesting habitat.”

The challenge with this type of ordinance is how to enforce it. Fort Myers Beach does not have a police department so enforcement falls to LCSO. The still unidentified female jeep driver was not caught in the act of violating the ordinance by LCSO so the process now is for LCSO to write up a summons request for violation of the town ordinance and submit it to the State Attorney’s Office. LCSO tells us that the incident did not occur in the presence of a law enforcement officer and is not a misdemeanor exception.

The video of the beach joy ride was posted on social media on Friday with local TV stations running stories throughout the weekend. All that coverage led to the woman being located in Lehigh. She is not a Lee County resident. She was in visiting the area from Michigan.

LCSO wants to remind residents and visitors that Traffic operations are being scheduled on the beach to address various violations of statute and/or ordinances. You are encouraged to call 239-477-1000 or 911 (as necessary) during the exact moment aggressive driving is witnessed. “This will allow us to respond without delay.”


  1. Why not just use a few 40mm grenades from a M-16 launcher on these heinous scum purposefully destroying the beach under their lame “I just didn’t know! It was a mistake, I thought you could do this here – they do it in other places!” excuses.

    Trust me, show no mercy like we should, smoke a few off the beach and leave only a couple rusting carcasses with the warning plaques that “this is what we do to violators!” And once that gets out, and broadcast, there won’t be anymore of these disgusting scofflaws with their Jeeps, Excalades, T’Hoes, etc even thinking about it! They’ll even avoid any sand blown on the roads!

    Maybe the police need more menacing uniforms too, they don’t look “military hard” enough to be honest.

      • You’d be the epitome of this latrine “rock turner” if you believed any of that was serious – statement, not a question.

        Don’t respond. I’m not having a battle of wits with the unarmed.

  2. What about all the electric bikes riding on the beach the ordinance clearly states “no electric powered machine, vehicle or implement”. Enforce the same on electric bikes

    • I agree. We see them almost everyday. Often riding through areas where birds are standing along the waters edge. Enough already.

  3. Here’s a thought…If the Jeep she was driving was a rental it should be reported so she can be banned from renting again.
    Public shaming and rental ban would be just punishment!

    • At least I was joking in my comment.

      You’re willing to wipe out someone’s entire existence financially over an accident, or a misunderstanding?

      Has anyone found out exactly why she did this? She’s from Michigan, it’s a non violent crime really, no one dead,

      Now, A few too many cocktails, being a lunatic. Yeah, the fines are pretty high for committing straight up stupidity.

  4. I’ve seen cars and trucks zip over onto the sand right after sunset driving over Newton Park and onto the beach.

  5. I’m sure with all the videos of this joy ride there are a number of them clearly show the driver. In a red light violation, the camera will take the driver, front and rear view. I would think the law would apply with similar regard.

  6. So if I’m understanding this article correctly, I can do basically anything illegal on FMB and get away with it as long as there’s no sheriff’s officer around to witness it? Does this make sense to anyone?

    • Technically, if it is a non-violent misdemeanor, the answer is yes if not witnessed by a Law enforcement officer. If a victim in one of these cases wants to file charges, they must present their case to the prosecutor and they will decide if there is enough evidence to issue a summons. There are 7 exceptions to this, like DV.
      Think of it as you witness someone driving 100mph down 75, police can’t do anything if they don’t witness it, even if you call.

  7. Oh wow! From my Home state of Michigan. We have plenty of back roads with puddles she can ride through. Shame on her!! No Respect for the rules of Beach. How sad.

    • I’m from Michigan too – we have plenty of potholes that are available on all major roads she can splash through as well.


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