Will Your Clock Be Saved?


That will be the first item on the town council’s Management & Planning meeting Thursday at 9 a.m. (which we will carry live on our Facebook page).

As of now, the plan is to remove the clock once Times Square is renovated. The Town Manager claims the clock is too difficult to find parts for.

Many local residents want the clock to be saved. Many photos are taken by the clock by visitors to the beach.

The arches will also be discussed at the meeting Thursday. The arches, which used to welcome visitors to the beach before they hit the bridge, are still without a home. The arches welcomed residents and visitors to Fort Myers Beach, where the Matanzas Pass bridge now sits, from 1924-1979. When they were knocked down to construct the new bridge not all the pieces were saved. Those that were are now in storage.

A group called Restore The Arches has been pitching locations to both the town and the county for a couple of years now, including: the base of the Matanzas Bridge, Bay Oaks, Lynn Hall Park, Bayside Park and several others. At one point they were close to a deal with the county to put the arches in Crescent Park. The previous town council intervened and let the county know that probably wasn’t the best spot.

By a vote of 7-0 the Bay Oaks Committee recently voted to oppose that the arches be recreated anywhere on Fort Myers Beach.