Should The Town Rename Bayside Park?


The Fort Myers Beach Town Council is looking into changing the name of Bayside Park to either Veterans Memorial Bayside Park or Bayside Veterans Park to honor veterans. A plaque is also being worked on and will eventually be erected. What is your vote for the new name?


  1. I’d prefer it stay “Bayside Park”. However, if y’all insist I’d vote
    “Bayside Veterans Park”
    “Memorial” is just too sad. Think of our visitors! People might think veterans are buried there. Ye I asked a couple if friends out of state. A couple asked if its a cemetery or a Memorial for those who died in hurricane Ian.
    Other options are sooo long no one’s going to use the whole name.

  2. “Bayside” needs to stay, but extend to “Bayside Veteran’s Park” and with doing so…. maybe fundraising for adding some sort of statue or monument in addition to the plaque?


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