Special June LPA Meeting Canceled


Earlier this month Local Planning Agency members announced they would hold a special meeting on June 25th with a main agenda item being London Bay’s plans for the Outrigger property. That meeting has been canceled.

LPA Chair Anita Cereceda stated that the meeting was canceled because staff did not have enough time to get everything together in time for a special meeting. London Bay CEO Mark Wilson confirmed to Beach Talk Radio last week that he was notified his application would not be ready for the 25th.

That pushes all projects before the LPA to August 23rd because the LPA and Town Council do not meet in July. It has been normal procedure for years that the Town Council and its committees take July off. There has been some debate that this July is very different than all previous July’s, and perhaps they should not be taking July off, because of Hurricane Ian and all the projects that are gearing up to be proposed.


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