Sprucing Up Times Square


Two local artists will begin painting murals on the elevator shaft that was recently repaired and repainted in Times Square. Owner Chris Primeau is hoping the murals “create a symbol of the rebirth of an iconic location on Ft Myers Beach.”

The elevator shaft in Times Square was one of the few remaining structures in the area after Hurricane Ian ripped through Fort Myers Beach on September 28, 2022. It was heavily damaged in the storm. A few weeks ago Primeau cleaned the tower and painted it blue. There’s a GoFundMe page to help pay the artists for their work if you’d like to contribute: https://bit.ly/3Om2p7A

It’s unknown what will be rebuilt in Times Square or how long it will take to even draft a plan. The town owns the road, there are multiple business owners that own property and Lee County owns the pier and Lynn Hall Park. As far as we know there have not even been any discussions about the future of the area and several properties are listed for sale.

John and Debbie Lallo sold the Pete’s Time Out property not too long after the storm, the owner of Plaka’s recently announced they would be selling and the owner of the former Mango Rita’s property has two pieces listed for sale. One piece of property on the beach side is listed for $9 million and the Mango Rita’s property is for sale for $7 million. Anita Cereceda said on a recent Beach Talk Radio she doesn’t expect to be back in Times square where she owned two stores. If anything is built in that area it will most likely have to be built approximately 15 to 17 up.




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