St. Patrick’s Day Parade is Thursday


The 24th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, hosted by Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, will be held Thursday, March 17th.

Staging begins at 8AM in Santini Plaza and the parade begins at 10AM.

The route is about one mile from Santini Plaza to the Church of The Ascension.

That area (the parade route only) of Estero Boulevard will be closed at approximately 9:45 so if you need to leave the beach it’s better to do it early.


  1. I have company coming in that day who need to arrive around noon to 1 o’clock and am wondering if it would be better for them to come on the island from the north or south end? I live about mid point in the island? Any thoughts about traffic coming from the north end and/or how quickly the traffic from the south end will start moving after the road opens?

    • Come in from the north end if you live mid island as long as mid island to you is before the church. Traffic will be gridlocked at the south end.


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