Summertime Funtime at Lover’s Key State Park.


(By Kim Ryan) Summer is here and the kids are finally out of school. If you’re searching for an amazing experience to entertain and educate your kids look no further than Eco-Arts Day Camp going on now thru the end of July at Lover’s Key.

Each week-long session features uniquely crafted activities related to a theme. I was able to visit last Friday during Beach Exploration and Discovery week to see the kids in action. Future sessions will explore Marine Science and Eco Arts, which integrates the sciences of ecology and biology with the creative arts.

The camp operates out of the newly built Discovery Center, which is impressive in its design and the state of the art learning opportunities available to participants. The facility is air conditioned, has restrooms, showers and a kitchen.

When the kids attend their day is split between indoor and outdoor activities. Inside, there’s a plethora of art and science based activities to keep the children engaged the entire time. They have a smartboard for video/computer content, microscopes to look at water samples to gain an understanding of water quality, and on my visit, they had specimen jars with preserved marine animals like sea urchins and starfish to study. They also take field trips within the park “to explore and understand protected habitats while walking nature trails, wading in the estuary, and kayaking the mangroves.”

The camp staff I met was a dynamic mother/daughter duo. Susie and Holly Hassett who bring decades of experience in environmental education to the center. The two not only demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge, but also a concern for safety and the sincere desire to provide a world class experience. The children were all smiles as they played in the sand at the water’s edge learning about the shore and aquatic life all under the watchful eyes of Susie and Holly.

There are still openings for upcoming sessions July 5th and July 19th. They do fill up quickly and are limited to 15 to maintain safety and offer that small group attention.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child or grandchild “the gift of the real Florida”.

Rest assured they will gain a new appreciation for nature and the environment by a team of professional educators. Tom Houghton owner of La Ola’s restaurant has both his children enrolled and highly recommends Eco-Arts Day camp. “ My sons had a great first week at camp. The new Welcome center building makes for a great camp headquarters.”

Check out this awesome Youtube video about the camp by Tom James.

For more information about the camp or to regiter, CLICK HERE.Or e-mail Education Coordinator Louise Kowitch