Thanks To a Tiny Town in Illinois


On Thursday, Kim & Dan Bennett and Todd Mueller, presented a check to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers for $4,000. The money will be deposited into the Beach Talk Radio FMBRebuild fund and given to employees on the beach that lost their jobs.

Kim told the Mayor why they donated the check. “Our dear friend Rod Boelkens came to Fort Myers Beach with his family for decades. They all eventually bought a week at Snug Harbor. SOB and Nervous Nellie’s were two of his favorite spots. We lost Rod to cancer 5-6 years ago and in honor of his memory we had a benefit to support the workers on Fort Myers Beach who made our stays here so much fun and treated us so well over the years. Bless you all! We can’t wait to be back and stay on the Island. After Ian hit, we decided to throw a benefit to help the servers, cooks and bartenders of Fort Myers Beach, the very people who lost their jobs and possibly even their homes. Our little town of 3,500 people, Fulton, Il., raised $4,000 the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We want to donate it to those out of work in the honor and memory of our friend Rod.”

Thank you Kim, Dan, Todd and Rod!

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