The 2021 Shrimp Festival Has Been Canceled.


COVID strikes again. It’s hard to imagine how much money will be lost for the organizations the Fort Myers Beach Lions Club helps every year from the Shrimp Festival. One year ago, this event was one of the first to be canceled due to the pandemic. On Monday the Lions Club had to make that call again. Here’s their official statement…

“With the town’s emergency declaration still in effect as well as the WHO, CDC, and FLDOH recommendations on large scale event safety, the Fort Myers Beach Lions Club has made the difficult decision to not pursue a permit for the 2021 Shrimp Festival and hence cancel the event for 2021. As this is our club’s main source of income, it is devastating but we will develop new avenues of fundraising so that we can continue to safely serve our local community of those in need. We look forward to the Shrimp Festival in 2022 and appreciate the support of all those that love and cherish this event as much as we do.”

Shelby Stites
Fort Myers Beach Lions Club